New Mural at Easton Business Centre

Bristol Spaceworks commissioned a mural on one of the exterior walls of Easton Business Centre by local Artist Alex Lucas, to celebrate the mining heritage and the local foxes in Easton.

Felix Rd was the centre of the local mining industry and the Easton Colliery was located on the Business Centre grounds as well as the neighbouring Adventure Playground. The pit was established in circa 1830 and helped Bristol to become one of the first places to use coal in industrial applications like glass making, brewing and pottery. Easton Colliery later closed in 1911.

In 1886 eight Easton miners died as a result of an explosion at the pit. The world-famous cricketer, Dr W G Grace, had his surgery nearby on Stapleton Rd and he tended to the injured miners.

The mural was also inspired by the local foxes, our close neighbours and occasional plant vandals.

After surviving unscathed for 20 years the exterior wall of the 2 storey building next to the local park was blighted by the increasing problem of tagging (see picture below). This city-wide issue was highlighted on the front page of Bristol Post in April when the recently opened Castle Bridge, at a cost of £2.6m, was tagged with ‘Bridgey McBridgeFace’ 1 week after opening!

Alex Lucas has completed murals across Bristol (including her own house) and beyond, as well as selling illustrations from her shop on Cheltenham Rd. We were delighted with her eye-catching design to pay homage to the history of the area, providing a great first impression and better signage for visitors.

Easton Colliery c.1900
Before the design started with lots of tagging
Alex Lucas starting the mural
The foxes are coming to life
1 fox done
Alex with her able assistant Paul in front of the completed mural
3 miner foxes going to work. The lettering is inspired by Victorian signage, which would have been used during the time of the Easton Colliery
The miner’s davy lamp, an essential tool to have before heading down the pit