Flexible Working: Some Thoughts and a Positive Outlook

We were asked for a few comments from local media company Bristol 24/7 on the immediate outlook for the office sector and, in particular, co-working.  Some of the comments we made in our blog were featured in this article on the Bristol 24/7 website.

Following our first foray into the co-working sector in February this year with the purchase of Redbrick House on Wilder St, it has been a tumultuous experience but we remain optimistic for the long-term health of the sector.

This is our longer blog (below) on the current outlook for co-working:

At Redbrick House, as with all co-working centres, we have had to adapt to the many challenges COVID-19 has presented.

We implemented and encouraged new safety procedures after lockdown, including mandatory mask-wearing in common areas, increased cleaning and good ventilation by using posters with a memorable acronym. We reduced the desk capacity by circa 30% to allow adequate levels of social distancing.

We made the hard decision to suspend our member’s rent between April – June. We recognised that many of the co-workers fell through the gaps with the different financial support packages. In the long run, this was the right approach as most of our customers returned when we were able to reopen in July. It was great to see them back!

There will be a dip in the growth of co-working but many of the factors which made it appealing to so many people are still valid.

Coworking is a brilliant option for individuals or businesses looking for cost-efficient ways of working and home working does not suit everyone or is not practical in some cases.

Redbrick House offers a space to connect with a community, find potential collaborators and host a support network during a time where isolation can very much affect physical and mental health.